Award Winning Dog Training

Our team of award winning dog trainers has over 30 years combined experience training all different breeds of dogs for all kinds of purposes. Our experiences range from training world class working canines, dog training competitions, service dogs, to the household canine companion.

There is NO dog we cannot train! From the biggest to the smallest, meekest to most aggressive, we have done it all. We work hard to give you the best results possible regardless of the dog (or owner's) past experiences.

Whether you are just looking for behavior modification around the house, the freedom of leash reliability, or high level competition, we are here to help you achieve it!

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

Stephane and Nicole met over 7 years ago at a dog training event. While they both had a background training, breeding, and competing with dogs, their backgrounds came from different places. Together, their insight and experiences merge to over 30 years of combined expertise. They used their skills to expand on each other's strengths and train police and private security canines in explosive detection, narcotic detection, man trailing and tracking, obedience, distance control and directionals, and criminal deterrence and apprehension. They also teamed together to offer instruction to students, inmates at various correction facilities, and disabled veterans through continuing education courses.

Both Stephane and Nicole spent over 15 years training pets, rescues, and competition dogs before meeting, as well as after getting together. They have trained thousands of dogs of various breeds and ages over the course of their careers. They specialize in fear and aggression cases.

They continue broadening their education through seminars, workshops, and the latest literature on learning theory and behavior, as well as compete in various dog sport venues. They have dome demonstrations at various events and offered services for contract with their personal dogs as well.

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